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B.P.'s correct about it effecting you

Posted to Poetry and Politics

whether we are at war or at peace, whether the weakest among us is protected, whether you can afford state college, or medical care, or there are jobs in your city, or civil war in your country -- that all comes under 'politics' i'm affraid.

and this year, it shouldn't be hard for you to know which side of the fence you're on. i support third candidates and have voted Green in the past -- but any vote that's not for Kerry-Edwards (OR NOT VOTING) is a vote FOR George Bush and another war-for-profit or two. and that's not to mention the draft that he's planning. it doesn't take that much to want to get these maniacs out of the control booth.

i hope you work out your personal stuff and regain your strength and can be part of this exciting change in our country. it really IS going to be a wonderful and amazing summer & fall as the majority of our neighbors see thru the Bushies bullshit and come out in November to end this wholesale sell-off of our resources and good name.

a change is gonna come, and it's gonna be a fun ride. i hope you can join us!