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Kill? Never heard of it. Which countries would that be?

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Now, you're saying 15 BILLION is not much to solve the AIDS problem -- why do you say that? Anything specific you know about that? How much is enough?

Irrespective: whether it's enough to solve the problem or not, it is most assuredly an awful lot TO PAY. The existense of problems does not generate money for the solution thereof -- someone must make this money first, which is not related to problems in any way, and involves hard work, ingenuity, and system support. Why should we pay? Explain that to me.

If it's not enough for the overall world, maybe we'd better keep it for ourselves?

And it's not that we started this epidemic... I see no practical sense or moral obligation here, you're following me? Why is it our problem to fix the world at our cost. Why not take care of ourselves first, especially when it is us who pay for it.

OK, a different angle: suppose we help (and we do) Africa, Vietnam, and Caribbean -- what do we get in exchange?

You say you don't know what other countries pay -- but how come? Obviously for you it is an overridingly important issue, so any help is important here, the source of funds shouldn't matter -- yet you guys only count the US money. Something fishy here. Is it about the US? No, you'd think it's about AIDS! Why not besiege the French -- now, they're pretty rich too. The Germans -- man, they already have universal health insurance, and generous social guarantees: surely they are in a better position to spare a buck than the U.S. that doesn't have such systems. We also pay most money for the UN itself, NATO, and other international endeavours -- why not give us some slack here, with AIDS? I say, they're not paying much for anything, so let them at least pay for AIDS.

What do you think?