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no one FORCES anything -- it's a natural process

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that works because people seemigly like what they get. And why not? Running water, computers, cars, modern medicine, better government, tooth paste, jobs... what's not to like? I've been overseas -- they really are backward developmentally and really welcome what they get from the West. Obviously the cultural and business penetration is mutually rewarding.

Religion? Where did the U.S. force their religion on someone? And what religion would that be?

Oil reserves? Those are discovered, developed, and paid for by us and other industrialized nations with the smarts, technology, and capital to do so (and the U.S. is not the only user of oil, btw.--where are your complaints about Japan, France, Germany, China, and really anyone who drives cars, uses electricity, has chemical industries of various sorts -- including, of course, the countries where the oil is found: everyone benefits, there's nothing bad about oil.) What harm does this do? Would it be better for Iranians, Saudis, etc., to simply sit on top of it not knowing that it's good for something -- and of course, not having that oil money that they did nothing to earn other than to happen, by an accident of geography and history, to sit on top of oil? Do you know how rich Kuwaitis are? That's because of oil, nothing else. Now they're truly rich, they live well, they have a real socialism that you like there -- everyone goes to college for free, including overseas -- all on them oil money, that, again, they did nothing to earn.)

As far as smallness of certain amounts of treasure -- however small, they can be used in more than one way, no? And it's not that everything has been in the tip-top condition in the U.S.: we have epidemics of our own -- colon, prostate, and breath cancer, gang violence, multiple sclerosis, underfunded schools, 30 MILLION Americans with no health insurance... unemployment... the list is quite extensive, while treasury isn't bottomless -- things add up, every 15 BILLION matter. And we must somehow earn this money first, before it's available to Treasury: no earnings, no taxes. And the taxes are paid by everyone, while the usefulness of such expenditures for the US taxpayer is questionable (charitably.)

Finally and less importantly: why is it that you must stick something personal and offensive in your message? (Re: " your idiotic post".) Can't you put your point across in a civil way. What about concentrating on the message and not the messenger? Or maybe there's no point, and this kind of personal attack is the only thing you can offer. It doesn't bother me really, but it's very immature -- I just thought you might want to know that.