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Well, who else (and how much)?

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And why is there no stink here about the French giving only ??? billions of francs to Africa to fight AIDS. The French, btw, have been historically much more engaged in Africa than the U.S. (all Europe's been this way; but not the U.S. -- there's been never any US colonies in Africa; if anyone owes anything to Africa, which is not self-evident but suppose, it's Europe, not the U.S.)

I don't say I disagree with the concept of aid per se, what I'm saying is, explain to me why we need to give it. Maybe I'll agree, I dont know. Don't assume that I agree -- but I'm open, tell me why it's good and why it can be demanded from us, and why it's better to ship the aid money to some faraway country than to offer it right here: there are a lot of americans who need help too, you know? I'd rather my taxes went to help them, than some foreign people who I don't intersect with. Moreover, I myself might be needing such aid at some time, who's to say? What if I get cancer of the ass -- now wouldn't it be great if my taxes went on cancer research in the previous years than to fund the fighting of some politically-correct disease that I'm not likely to ever suffer from? That's my money, and that's my life.
I'm not positing anything here, just asking questions. Tell me why, I'm listening.