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A little poem about love ( P C )

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Holiday Inn (June 22nd 2004)

All alone in a quiet room
dim w/ light
I lay next to you reflecting
on the love we’ve shared,
& the love unknown to us

Open roads –
An open window
to the wild world
before us.
A new place –
New faces
Another test,
& A step toward
our goals.

The road has taken many turns,
& even circles,
& yet we are always together
thru everything

We’ve gotten thru many obstacles –
One right after the other
No one said it would be easy,
but all the people who said
we couldn’t do it,
will be very disappointed.
Now is our time,
it’s finally right.

As long as we’re together
nothing can stand in our way.
Day by day we travel on,
& we sail into our future.
Wondering what will come,
but always knowing
we start & finish

Here we go –
We don’t know what’s next, but we’ll enjoy the ride…

(Christopher & Brigitte)