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good point about the Mo

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and i guess you saw the earlier political doc War Room, eh?
great stuff!

yes, ball rolling.

also, notice how kerry did not have eddie at the announcement -- brilliant -- both for the surprise factor, and also so on Day One it's just the announcement news for 24 hours, and now on Day Two, they appear together, so that's the story for the next cycle.
roll it out, baby!
they took monday off for the holiday,
and now have the lead story thru thursday morning.

just a small example i look for and like to see about wisdom behind the execution.

to look on the bright side of dukakis and gore/leiberman, the Dems have made huge mistakes and lost the serious job of not fucking up the country.
it's my observation that everything changed with clinton in '92.
even in the anomoly, gore won the most votes in 2000, and it was his distancing himself from clinton that cost him a landslide victory.

the way kerry won virtually every state primary . . .
the way he came back from being all-but eliminated in nov./dec. last year . . . remember that? he mortgaged his house or something to get an infusion of cash, fired his campaign manger, built new team before it was too late, and went on to win.

and i think every democratic powerplayer & strategist knows the importance of winning this election just like you and i do. except they're even smarter and have done this before and are using modern technology and new-thinking strategies and everything looks pretty good right now.

but we all know there's gonna be a flood of dirty tricks and lies and resource manipulation in the next 4 months that they (and we) are going to have to steel themselves for. the Karl Rove 'Shock & Lie' assault is coming . . .

but we've got two pretty good fighters in the ring.