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World Word War

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Everything ends; build something.
Nothing ends; just sit.
Ends need means.
Words need to mean.
People are mean; they use words.

Fuses are used to ignite; thoughts combust and burn though paradigms unending.
Till one day a perfect vacuum is created and nothing matters but forth dimensions.
Things boil at elevation, things implode at depth.
Things float at depths atmospherically, from the strato-cosmos-shperes to the voidishly benthic trenches; things float.
Where do you float.
What river do you run?
Which river must be forded?
How can it happen?
Positive in nature; things shall fix themselves.
No need for words such as these.
No Joke.
But laughable:
Madness is gray matter.
Nobody knows.
Might never know
What madness really is.
Its not literal
Its not emotional
Its not chaotic.
Its madness.
That is all it can be
And ever will be
Just as word.
Word perfect.