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Nice Diversion:

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A jab (my "favorite man") and the attempt to negate the entire post.

What happened to your "originality for American individuality's sake"? Because I can't see how what you said was original either.

I'm not trying to change politics here. I'm not an activist. That might be your thing though. But for me it's more important to hear the reactions of people who disagree with me and even some that agree. I'm not above self-reassessment, regardless of what you may believe.

However, something must have struck nerve with you here beyond the use of 'pragerisms' and the like. I'd be curious to know if you made a similar reply to anyone who posted a "mooreism" or two, or three.

Side taking stems from individuality. Taking sides doesn't have to equate to sipping the Jim Jones Kool-Aid, even when the side is one you disagree with, or find pointless.

Yet I wonder if we'll stay off topic much longer.