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I said in my reply... (edit)

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..."praegerisms" and "moore'isms"... perhaps you were in a rush to judgement..?

As I also said in my first reply was that you have linked Praeger as your source for what is the truth (opinion?) at least 4 times (?) that I can remember, not even tossing in a bit of your own thoughts on it.

I know from many years of observing the human condition that there are, and will always be, two sides to any political dialog. I am of the character that does not simply "dis'" the other side simply because that is their choice, presently or not.

Why are you attracted to the likes of Praeger or (assumption on my part), Hannity or Rush, while others are attracted to what has been called the "Left" ? It is an interesting question that I ask myself.. all to no avail, yet. ;-) But the phenomenon continues, doesn't it? People have their choices and that is the way it is. The endless arguements on this board do not seem to change anyone's beliefs regarding poliltics... but more originality would be a respite from the "he said's", albeit there are some very interesting links I have gone to.

I have written an article regarding "Opinions" one time that was posted under the Utterances Board (Sunday Stream), that attempts to magnify the problem. You might have an interest in reading it sometime... "Opinion"