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i saw this film this weekend

Posted to Poetry and Politics

i was impressed. agree with firsty about the way he shot the scene on 9/11. well done.

i wanted to be objective while viewing - especially since moore was very open about his agenda in making the film being his determination to see that bush loses the election in november. i don't know how that election will turn out. moore certainly knows how to slant what he presents to get his point across.

i also felt that he made some cheap shots... but he certainly does make you pay attention and think about the issues.

i was extremely disturbed about the loss of our boys and girls there. and no, i did not missuse those words. the ones dying are often just youngsters who have simply signed on to get an education... and have no idea what this is about. this morning's news on NPR spotlighted a youngster who died yesterday. i hate to see our kids dying for something not worth while... that makes me cry.

moore's film is well shot. while i find him obnoxious and overbearing, i was glad i saw the movie. it is definitely something everyone should see.