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my question remains: did you react to the "mooreisms" like you reacted to this "pragerism"? Saying it and doing it are two different things. Just curious.

Well, I don't always post what I agree with. I post some things to see what the reactions are, usually. But posting things I disagree with doesn't typically provide the results I'm looking for.

I have never been drawn to Hannity and Limbaugh used to be entertaining to me a long time ago. But since then I've looked for deeper, more intellectually honest people like Prager. You don't have to agree with him to see the value in the topics he presents and the manner in which he presents them. His motive is almost always to provide clarity for his audience. He continually stresses the importance of clarity over forcing agreement. He's very respectful in the face of disrrespect and disrespectful arguments. He goes to great lengths to find the strongest (not the weakest) opposition to his positions so that it faces a fair test. It's refreshing to be completely honest with you. It's quite an example he sets for me. I just wish I was as good as he is at sticking to that practice. Aside from the political stuff he does a lot of good in many other ways. He spends a lot of time on relationship oriented topics (which I've been drawn to) and much more.

Personally, as you could already tell, I have very passionate roots under my opinions. In part it's youth and in part it's a strong set of values that I believe in. Those values aren't perfect, nor do I claim them to be. But getting back to clarity, if you ever decide to choose that path with me you won't find resistance here. But I find (and perhaps you might think this is arrogant too) that the more clarity that is provided within any debate, the more I find that my values are consistent with reality, or at least my reality. It's the vagueness, the unexplained and the questions that seem to confuse people often. It seems that those qualities are prevalent here, since I've been here. I hope I can provide some clarity here at least. Maybe I don't honor that desire, who knows. But that's something I wouldn't mind earning credit for.