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ive read the article

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and agree with the notion that both firefighters
and cops are perhaps adrenaline junkies and may
often seek, during downtime, the familiar rush
through illicit means. its really not an excuse.
these jobs require that the employed maintain a
high standard of physical and mental maintanence
and alertness. cops and firefighters who drink
on the job should are a danger to the community and
themselves and should be dealt with in a strict manner.

the examples of alcohol abuse i had in my mind seemed
to stem less from classic alcoholism than from arrogant
bravado. multiple counts of drinking on the job and
fighting with themselves and the public tarnish the thin
veil of heroism they claim to uphold.

cops may not have received the same press, but many share a similar
mindset. i work in a bar and rue the night the off duty
cops come to drink. its the worst. i have a friend who
tends bar uptown who one evening had 2 cops pull their
weapons simultaneously on them, thinking they were being
cute. it gets rough.

none of this is to suggest that i have anything but deep
admiration and respect for these guys as a whole. but
there has been a new wave of blatant roguishness in both
departments and it should be handled with a great swiftness.