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On The Job?

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Not all alcoholics have to drink on the job. In fact I've known many that don't, and they're still alcoholics. The only reference you made was to drinking on duty. But I was referring to alcoholism in general because it's very common with the stress emergency responders experience. I'm sure some do drink on duty, it's inevitable with some alcoholics.

How do you know they are adrenaline junkies? Do you know many? Have you been close to firefighters at all? I'm just curious why you come to that conclusion.

What firefighters claim to uphold the veil of heroism? I thought almost all of them react in denial when people refer to them as heroes. Whenever they're on the news they say "nah, I was just doing my job", don't they? Are there examples can refer to?

I'm very curious about the roguishness. Do you have anything you can point me to that describes this more?

Thanks Hella