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examples of roguishness

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a friend of mine, also a bartender, was telling me about a time about a year ago when his bar hosted a party of cops. the evening of headaches was capped off when one cop ordered a shot of jager for him and his friend. when the friend initially resisted, the ordering cop pulled out his gun, pointed it at my friend and said,

"if you dont pour this guy a shot, ill shoot you"

to which the other other cop pulled his gun and said,

"if you do, i'll shoot you".

what to do, what to do.

in a different incident, there was a cop in the same place who fired his weapon into a wall one night, upset that the bar was closing.

ive had cops at my bar threaten my bouncer because
he requested a proper drivers liscence rather than the tin.

these stories unfortunately are a dime a dozen, and seem exclusive to cops and firemen. ive never had the magnitude of these problems with athletes, salesmen, doctors, garbagemen, bankers, lawyers, college kids etc.

just one new yorkers experience