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"this would seem to appeal to a certain type of person, the same way electrical engineering might appeal to another.'

But isn't it true that most firefighters are quite young when they hire on and most still don't have a clue what "type" of person they are yet? I mean, isn't it a rare person that knows what type of work they will be attracted to for the rest of their life?

"new york's bravest" is an organizational claim, not the claim of firefighters at large. Sounds like some high level guy or even a politician came up with that. Should they ask to have the name changed?

They lobby as a special interest group, that is very true. That's a big reason why fire prevention codes get changed on a continuous basis. This saves lives. They also lobby to keep firehouses open in areas where politicians and city managers want to save a buck. Sure, they save their jobs too, can you blame them?

So, you don't think the firefighters who conducted the largest rescue operation in history and died doing it, they should have a seperate memorial for that? I'm just asking.