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So Did Anyone Get Shot?

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And wouldn't that be a far more important question to answer?

The examples you present seem to prove a case for critical incident stress more than mere machismo. It sounds like your city needs to spend a lot more money on phychological assistance for these folks. Most departments don't spend much on critical incident stress debreifing and it really piles up personally, for a lot of firefighters. Like I said about the Jessica McClure case. Take burnout with another occupation like an engineer. It takes years to build up. But make a firefighter give CPR to a baby that he can't save and it's equivalent to ten years of burnout in one shot.

Keep in mind that your city cops and fireman are only one city's examples that do not represent the vast majority of firefighters around the nation. In fact 85% of our nation's firefighters are volunteer. They don't get paid anything for their life saving adrenaline addictions.