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the average of those killed in 911 was forty. the NYFD isn't a job you can rush into. the waiting list is quite long and without personal connections, the wait can be as long as several years.

i dont care if they call themselves "new york's bravest" or not, it's really of no great consequence to me. i want them to refrain from drinking on the job. that's it.

my quarrel isnt with their preserving work and ensuring safety. my quarrel is with their demands for special consideration at any future memorial site, consideration over the thousands of others that died.

there is an inherent risk in being a fireman. the risk being your life. i admire and respect the work they do everyday. on september 11, 2001, they simply showed up for work. just like the 4 personal friends that i lost that day. none of whom were firemen. should the firemen receive special consideration over my friends and the thousands others that died?

i recently took the cop exam here in nyc. im fully aware that being killed in the line of duty is an occupational hazzard. pretty wild, huh?