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But most are young correct? The average age of the firefighters killed is 40. So what bearing does that have on the age of new hires? Maybe I missed something.

If you don't care whether they call themselves "new yorks bravest" then why did you bring it up?

So if they shouldn't get special consideration then no one should? Is that how you feel about it? So for instance the day care kids killed in the Oklahoma City Bombing, they shouldn't have any special recognition for being murdered before most of them could even talk? What if they had a special memorial for those toddlers? Would you be against that too?

I'm sorry you lost your four friends. But stop and think about this for a second, please Hella. The fireman you think shouldn't get special consideration are folks that make the concious decision every other day to take the risk your friends took without even knowing it was going to happen that day. Does that not count for something special.

This is a very emotional thing for them. When you're not seeing them behaving badly, and I know they do.