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Dear tfire:

Posted to Poetry and Politics

You are the one who put this one-sided, arrogant spew in full view of everyone, so what did you expect? Reasoned debate? Why don't we try a little remedial logic, here...

Do not expect people to take seriously, or waste their time trying to "rebut" this kind of ill-conceived, mean-spirited worthless blather, and please stop hunting them down endlessly across multiple threads just to accuse them of "hiding". This is a matter of simple logic and judgment. Please stop ruining the possibility of honest discussion for everyone else.

I will not respond to any more of your posts, if you persist in these tactics. Send me an e-mail if you think I'm out of line, here. Perhaps, I am. It wouldn't be the first time. But, I would prefer that you also come out of your own "hiding" and make a genuine attempt to enlighten the rest of us. I don't believe you've made an honest attempt at this, yet. Sorry.