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What is this? This is JUST NUTS!!!

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This is yet another example of Dennis Prager's sophomoric half-baked political thinking and why I can no longer abide him, anymore.

1) Jews. Self-hating. Yes, it's true there are many ethnic Jews who take quite a lot of trouble to conceal their own backgrounds, minimize their religious participation and, in general, blend in. Perhaps that's hatred, perhaps that's fear of persecution. I really have no idea. The Jews Dennis has chosen in this article (Noam Chomsky) aren't real Jews, at all. Chomsky was raised Jewish and rejected his faith and background at a very early age. He has been openly against Judaism ever since. How can he be a self-hater when he does not even align himself with Judaism? He is a self-proclaimed outsider to the Jewish faith. Invalid as an example.

As for the rest of the article in that section: Jews who hate Israel; Israelis who hate Israel. There are plenty of Jews who aren't Zionist and plenty of Jews who are. It's a political issue, not a religious dogma, and it's only partially an ethnic issue. To say that anti-Zionist Jews are Jew-haters is bad, bad logic. But I think Dennis Prager stopped using logic years ago. As for Israelis hating Israel ... shoot ... I've never visited there and he has, so he's got me there, but there are citizens of every country who do not fully subscribe to all of their country's practices. Does that make them HATERS of their country, their nationality? How absurd!

2) Americans who hate America. Same stuff applies. Just because there are outspoken people in this country who openly declare that they are against some of this country's practices, it does not automatically follow that they HATE their country. Good God.

The other thing -- which I've pointed out before (but not here) is that Americans tend to be very self-examining, as a general rule. We are relatively wealthy and well-educated. Freedom is a big,big deal here and so is the social responsibility that goes along with it. We have a lot of power in the world, and we take our position very seriously. Dissent happens in this country because we are a DYNAMIC and THOUGHTFUL people. In European countries, there MAY be more apathy and indifference than here (I am only speculating) and that's why there's less dissent .

Thank GOD we are self-critical! It's our single greatest STRENGTH as a nation, and here's Dennis Prager once again trying to put it down.

The man's on crack, he's on a bender, he's losing his mind to syphilis or something ... I have no idea!!! Perhaps the spirit of Hitler has taken over Dennis Prager's body? Whatever it is, the man's right-wing political views have completely taken hold of him and someone ought to get him off the air before he does serious harm.

If he would ONLY do what he keeps telling his listeners to do and THINK before he comes off with these ludicrous opinions of his!!! AAHHYHHHHH!!!! Sorry, I lost it ...

Anyhow, anyone who has taken Logic 101 will quickly see through his arguments, so I am probably preaching to the choir. mmmmmppphhhh....