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well most of them are men. As a man I can testify that most of them aren't much more knowledgeable of the type of person they are in their early twenties than they were when they were 19. But that's just my opinion. However, just because the department may be weighted heavy with folks who don't want to retire yet/older, that doesn't have a bearing on the age of the new hires. I think neither you or I know enough here about the age of these new hires. Have 17 years of experience in the field but I can't tell you the hiring habits of you community FD.

Well, "new yorks bravest" again is a traditional name most likely not coined by the ones you complain about. Either way it's not what's in a name that counts, as you said. It's how they act. Do they run around your bars screaming "we're the bravest"? You are correct to point out how the firefighter's you've seen have fallen down with regard to their public behavior. In fact firefighters themselves are quite hard on themselves when it comes to self-critiscism for just about anything they do. They do happen to be people, that happen to be subject to some pretty inhuman stuff on a regular basis though. I certainly can't speak for the folks you've encountered though, or any others who conduct themselves that way. There is no excuse for such behavior.

So, just to clarify this then: If the folks in Oklahoma City wanted to have a special memorial for the toddlers and infants killed in the bombing at the Federal Building and its day care center, you'd be opposed to that on the grounds that they aren't any more special than anyone else who died. Equality is far more important to you. Is that correct to say?

Looks like we're going to have to get rid of a whole lot of memorials all over the globe to meet your standard, if I have this correct.