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Is Dennis Prager an Anti-Semite?

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After reading the posting you referred to, above, I am beginning to entertain this suspicion. He seems to think that Judaism is synonomous with total and complete support for the State of Israel(my country right or wrong). Is his next article going to suggest that Jews who do not fully support Israel be excommunicated from the faith? Can't the man tolerate diversity of opinion without condemning the people who express it?

I just LOST it when I read what Tfire had posted ... I used to have great respect for Prager's carefully thought out commentaries on Judaism. I've read all of his published books. He got me thinking about the merits of Judaism, in the first place.

But Dennis Prager has just gotten to be a lazy thinker. He comes to preposterous conclusions based on next to nothing, and then he has the audacity to support them in public. If you listen to his radio show then you know that he doesn't listen to alternative points of view at all, anymore. Just like any other radio talk show host, his calls are carefully screened, and the only dissenters he allows on the air are the one who don't make any sense, and whose inarticulate objections only support his theories about the Left.

He tells people that he wants them to think ... he doesn't want them to think, he just wants to tweak them with his own half-baked lies. I can forgive nonthinking. Lots of people just don't know how. But when someone knows how to think and DOESN'T -- when someone knows the truth but deliberately peddles claptrap -- that is a SIN. It's actually against Talmud (as I found out when I was asked to take the opposite side of a debate at school).

And if he believes everything that he's saying, then I can only conclude that some disease process has warped his mind. It's almost beyond my comprehension that someone who used to be a good man evaluating each issue with careful thought, is now just a puppet of the far Right .. with a few friends on the Left who respect him because of his public popularity. He has repeatedly betrayed everything that he claims to believe in, as a Jew. The comment about blacks is just one more stone in a very heavy bucket. Maybe someone bought him. That's probably it. Some person recognized his power, and the fact that he was already leaning towards the Right, and they bought him so that he would go the whole distance.

FYI, I completely disagree with his position about animal "rights" and I wrote him an email about it one time. Naturally, he did not respond. As far as I know, he has never discussed Matthew Scully's book "Dominion" on his show. Scully is definitely right wing; he was President Bush's chief speech writer, for pete's sake! His opinions on animal WELFARE are Biblically based --solidly Biblically based, and fully supported in his book. He rebuts Prager's position specifically and adeptly, in this same book. So ... WHY hasn't Prager responded to the challenge? WHY hasn't he had Scully on his show? He claims to give equal air time to his opponents, when they make sense. Scully makes a hell of a lot of sense, and he's on the same side of the political line, but he's a vegetarian, et cetera. Prager doesn't want a challenge. He wants to be a well-paid radio personality, and that's it. (I also wrote an email to Scully, just recently. Scully DID write back! I was so impressed with myself!) Prager USED to have meaningful debates with intelligent folk. He hardly ever does that, any more. I am so disappointed.

If you have ANYTHING at all to add to the posting of Prager's article, would you please do it? I have already put in my blast of hot air, but I can no longer debate Tfire. I am completely out of patience with him. Maybe you don't want to debate him, either. If so, I can certainly understand, but if you think you have something of value to add to his posts, then you should do it. I would even say that you have a duty to do it, because you have gone to a considerable amount of trouble to understand the issues. He needs a heads-up.