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I learned some things I didn't know before. Two quick points however. You mention the situation in Sudan is a harmonic convergence of the neoconservative right and the traditional left, and then in the next paragraph imply that the "traditional left" are the Democrats. The Democrats are, in my books, and probably for many people, as far right as you can get. Remember the last presidential "debate" where Bush and Gore actually agreed more with each other than disagreed? They are a big business party in bed with the lobbyists, the tobacco industry, the gun industry, the oil industry, the pharmecutical industry...
As for American intervention in Sudan, remember last time the US intervened in the Sudan? Clinton, that Leftist, bombed a factory making life-saving drugs? Oops! How many innocent people died from that one? I don't know how welcome American aid, well-meaning or not, would be.

Footnote: Being Canadian, many of my countrymen, and indeed much of my fellow global citizens see Americans as apathetic, apolitical and downright ignorant of domestic and world affairs. The contents of this board proves them all wrong. To all of you who have the courage to speak out against injustice, both great and small, kudos to you.

Bright Bliss!