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You are thinking of thrillseekers ...

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which is a more pervasive type of adrenalin junky -- It's kind of like the difference between your sister (with 12 cats and getting a CVT) and a cat collector (with 78 cats, a remedial education, and overwhelming amounts of cat guano).

My brother IS an adrenalin junky, but he chooses to express it in a productive way, supporting society, risking his life if necessary, to save other people. Did my brother like it when he broke through a barrier at the Pt. Mugu Airshow to rescue a downed pilot? Answer me that! Yep, I'll bet he was thrilled to death. He would not have done it, had it not been necessary, but you can bet that was one of the thrills of his career. He wasn't sitting behind the wheel in the firetruck debating his options. That is what MOST people would have done, and that is why adrenalin junkies are so important to society. Relishing the moment is the most important thing. If you didn't, you wouldn't be stupid enough to take the risk. An adrenalin junky gets pleasure out of "going where no man has gone before". Takes courage, but it also takes a pleasurable adrenalin rush. That is all I am saying. Special genetic thing ... that makes heroes.

Thrillseekers are just seeking risk for its OWN sake. That is unproductive risk-taking, wouldn't you agree?

I didn't say EVERYTHING about firefighters is good. I think it takes a great character to be a firefighter; it is a profession that deserves respect. I believe that even if the civil servant advantages of the job were removed, almost all of the same people would still do it. It isn't the perks that make a firefighter, but the desire. Just like what I am trying to do. This isn't exactly a lucrative profession that I am getting into, unless I find ingenious ways of making it so. You do it because you love animals. And firefighters do it because they love human life and property and they are willing to risk their lives to save it.