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There seems to be a lot of smoldering resentment on this board. I know discussing politics is a touchy subject, and sometimes I find I have little patience for those whose political views differ from my own. And I have as much anger inside me as anyone else (probably more), but I am trying to use that anger to make me stronger, so I will stand up for what I believe in, not skulk and cower behind the safety of the internet. Too often, I find, those who find themselves defending the indefensible, resort to attacking the person (ie grammar, hygiene habits, spelling etc) rather than logically refuting their rebuttal. I am not pointing fingers at anyone- we are all guilty of this practice, myself as much as anyone.

I guess what I'm realling trying to say is, before you hit the "Post!" button, reread your material carefully, because that is how you will be percieved by the people who post on Litkicks and will be forever (or until Y3K wipes out all the computers!).

Bright bliss to you all!