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I'm a fan of Ogden Nash.

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I'm a fan of Ogden Nash.
He makes me want to take the stash
of poetry he's filed away, create
another book some day
which the grand
New Yorker missed.

And I insist that I'm a fan
of Dylan Thomas and the man
that followed as a namesake.
Bob has been the paradox
of fame. Sold out like his concerts.
Rock and folk were never the same.

I've also been Shakespeared,
pierced in the chest with his
sonnets. Love and war
and the disappointments
in both or either.
I respect Milton,
adore the ambience of the Hilton,
can't live in both or neither.

Thoureau made me wander
and wonder, wilderness his advent
I spent the last of the first half
of this century contemplating
the laments of cummings
and Sexton, Rand couldn't
novel the idea, though she tried,
her perceptual constant, the ride
itself and though I have experienced
the wealth of digestion
from a Reader's Digest
point of view,
the conclusion
I have come to
is this.

You are the writer I would
most like to read if I could.
You are the one who catches
my fancy.
You are the pen
whose then
and when and where
makes me dare to proceed.

Whoever You are,
I want to read you.

Emily Dickinson had a way with meter.
Plath had a distinct hot iron to light.
Carl Sandburg tripped the night
fantastic Chicago bound,
the sound of Lindsey's Congo,
the rebound of Poe's Raven,
the craving of ears,
the craving for music,
the traces of words occupied
by wide-eyed wonder audiences,
stints in A, A, Milne worlds,
Pooh forests, creatures resembling
monkey madness following Alice
down tunnel tubes, Dorothy lying
with a Scarecrow, a Tin Man,
a Wizard.

Literature makes me dizzy.
I have decided you needed to know
why I ended up this way.

Oh, and if I forgot to say
I forgot to say the entire list,
I'm entirely sorry for that.
I apologize. All you can expect
is a sincere apology and some
reasonably decdent poetry
in regards to content
and quality similar to
the similarity of life itself
which i am currently attempting
to decipher but i refuse to do so until
I have read the entire live documentation
of your web log to which I am quite sure
you will send me a link.

What did you think?
Did you think I'd mention Sartre?
Dvorziak? Gershwin? Silverstein?
Simon? Oh Paul, I admire more than
dinner. His words are a feast.

But I am a fan of Ogden Nash.
I cast my lines out, catch the vast perception
in a net. Pretend it's funny. Remember Groucho.
I could make a list ten times as long as this poem.