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the 15% bump is a politcal phrase

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that refers to the challenger's convention, which also used to be connected to the V.P. selection.

it's just a loose phrase, not a literal number. and it would apply to polling done in the days immediately following the convention.

there's a plethora of polls coming out right now, and frankly, they all look pretty good. both bush & cheney's negatives are real high (finally!), and there seems to be a real buzz for this ticket that's crossing demographics and regions.

also, national polls are just a buzz-joy snapshot anyway.

all that matters is the state-wide polls in each of the 15-20 swing states. that's what you want to be watching.

how's the match-up in Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, Louisianna, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Oregon, Washington, Arkansas, Tennessee, Iowa?

how those individual states go determines the election.