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and that leads to a point you made before

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if it weren't for these folks no one would do the job.

I replied to Gantenbeim in a forum similar to this about six months ago. I did a decent job I think. I wish I could find it. I'd put it up here for you.

Gantenbeim (author of this article I posted - top) is similar to this other guy you're speaking with; disgruntled in some way. I won't even try to guess where this kind of hatred comes from. Yes, I do believe that it is hatred. Ignorance is a common thread in almost all hatred. What I find amazing is just how open people like that are about their ignorance, not just their hatred. It's like they're so blinded by the intense hatred and their anger that they think it entitles them a free pass to say anything. Lord help you if you disagree, or you'll get called what I've been called. I think you felt a little taste of that now, being lumped in with mot-juste and myself. So quickly they turn eh?

Well anyway, life goes on.