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Yes, because If they were...

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so deviant they also wouldn't be the administration sending all these "evil greedy corporate types" to prison (Ken Lay tomorrow). Seems to me that all these folks in big business they're going after, well it just doesn't square with the vague charge of being so pro-big business. Seems to me the head law enforcement official in the country has been busy making Moore's vague innuendo seem pretty damn stupid long before the movie was even released. Maybe somebody can splain that one to me.

Other than that you make one assumption that I'd like more information on: that McCain wants the job. ?

and as for the V.P.:

Cheney is politically expendable ammunition to be used on Edwards and Kerry. Why get rid of an asset in the debate arena, especially one that's not afraid to say "go fuck yourself"? Like him or not, what would the point of that be? McCain would NOT be politically expendable, even if he does want the job.