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THE BALLAD OF LITKICKS, Vol. 2 – “We’re on a mission from God.

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levi and I’ve been jamming via email about the philosophy of debate, the furtherment of the species, when is the right time to speak up, when to be quiet, which battles to pick, what the battles really are etc., so I’ve been thinking about this a bit lately.

i REALLY appreciate the dialog with most P&Pers. but there's 3 people who i know if i read their posts i will become depressed and angry. so, my own new way of dealing with it is to post to the board and read everyone's comments, except the people who i know will just make me depressed and slow down the mind journey. maybe there's some ethical problem with not reading every single person's comments, but it’s probably like what we do at in-person social gatherings -- talk & hang with the people you want, not every single person in the room.

i love 'talking' with the poets and novelists and playwrights and other wordsmiths from all over the world on this site. and it's not the generic New York Times readers or something, it's people who live their lives in words -- a prized small group on the planet. (like zlatko who said he hasn't watched TV since Rollie Fingers pitched for the A's 25 years ago! i love it!)

anyway, i value this space very much.
i also have and still do participate in many other boards on the net, and i've seen this 'fly' problem elsewhere – buzzerds who annoy & argue & sell secondhand dogma. it's ruined many a great message board.

it looked like it happened here, i tried to stop it, the flies kept buzzing, so i went elsewhere.

upon returning a week later, i found the flies were still here annoying people, and some were actively trying to swat them. Now this thread.

the one way i can continue to engage with the diverse, eclectic, wise, funny, wonderful, passionate, peaceful, kind, crazy people here is to simply not open the flies' messages and just continue to riff and explore with those i want to travel with.

i don't know any other way to deal with it.

and this is important -- that, in conversation, if you have one person rebutting what you're saying at the end of every sentence, you never get anywhere. but, to me, the wagon train of intelligence needs to keep rolling forward in order to cover ground. if you’re stopping every foot to re-explain why the wheel is round, the wagon train is never gonna get to the promised land.

to me, the bulk of us here know why we're on this journey and where we’re going. and it's sure not all one destination or point of view! we’re a wonderfully diverse group from all over the planet.

it's a very special roundtable of enlightened 'poets', for lack of a better noun. and i appreciate like hell going back and forth with some about whether we should take this valley or that valley, or what the view’s like up ahead from people who’ve been there or are there now. what i don't want to do is be arguing with someone every five minutes about why we're on the trip in the first place, or maybe we should all be going in the opposite direction.

at base it's counter-productive, and quite often it’s sophomoric, and regurgitating other people's doggerel.

for me it’s all about the magic --

when two people are in love and in synch, it's magic. when the right combination of players comes together in a band, they become greater than the sum of their parts. when a sports team jells they can have a magic run all the way to the championship. it has to do with sympatico, jamming, blending, going forward, making magic, channeling love, you know what i mean.

but if you've got a person on that team or in that band or in that marriage that’s fighting Against the furtherment of the unit, puking on every step, it is breaking the spell, stopping the advancement, and that team / band / marriage / roundtable doesn't go very far.

i've learned this from personal experience going back to high school.
remember the car trip when it was 4 friends completely in synch? and then that weekend trip when there was the one total downer person in the mix?

well, life is too short (for me at this point anyway) to have those downers in the car. i wanna go far. (have a cigar!) we've got the juice and tunes and a roadmap to some secret waterfalls. and meanwhile there's a fuckin war goin on and we gotta get to the other side of this election minefield before the next bombs fall.

Think forging the trails with Lewis & Clark.
Think Hunter Thompson in the Great White Shark.
Think Elwood Blues as he shifts out of park . . .

"We're on a mission from God."