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This Little Adventure

Posted to Poetry

this little adventure is exhausted;
it's lost momentum
& impetus.

stuff flies about
overhead in the dark.
we don't know if it has a name,

we only ever hear
but it says something to
us about ourselves

& that's what really scares us.

but it's never mentioned,
never spoken about.

& now:
all hope of success
has gone
[if only we really admitted it
to ourselves]

but the fact that we
dont -
that we haven't given up -
tells me something i
need to know,
however untrue.

it's something like pride,
but it's essense is that
of knowing you competed
honourably even though
you didn't win.

when below that,
locked away, is the
bitter disappointment &
frustration at not
having got what you
ached for;
what you had convinced
was yours for the taking.

& as usual it hurts
just enough to hide.

i think we should go now.

stop, then spread out &
dissipate -
slowly over time -
surrendering our cohesion

but as we walk away
look back on the ride fondly
because it rested on hope.