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damn, tfire

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it's really sad to me that you keep heralding this prager guy as somebody with any kind of clue... he's a fucking lost, arrogant, ignorant moron. yep, it's my OPINION!

now, before you blast me with your need for supporting facts and debate, just stop and think this all through. search your heart, kid. i know its in there somewhere! (now you can blast me for being patronizing and self-righteous... go ahead :)

another thing: you posted a prager piece to me last week as "an opinion you agree with" (the bottom of P&P 2323) and i respected you by reading his whole column, and then i wrote a letter back to him and posted it for you... but it appears you were left short on a response? or perhaps you're too busy ranting and talking to listen, still.

this forum works both ways, tfire, and as much as many people have shown you volumes of patience and respect by reading your links and listening to your opinions, you have shown pretty much ZERO in reciprocation. do you have the capability to actually LISTEN during a debate, and then digest and consider another point of view? i think mnaz was trying to suggest this above, and your reply was "don't tell me to follow your rules!"... WHAT?!?! talk about avoiding the subject, as you claim everyone else does...

i don't believe you are capable of that. all i ever see from you on here is "ME ME ME ME ME ME ME"... you are blue in the face in defending america and bush and the right wing point of view (yes i'm labeling, sorry) but i haven't ONCE seen you put consideration into any of the feedback you get.

for an intellectually sound fellow, you sure strike me as a brainwashed soldier. i bet my mum would put you over her knee and give you a huge spanking for spouting prager's cruel, ignorant, opinionated tripe like that.

anyway, i've tried some "back and forth" with you, but i think i'm done. you are incapable of hearing anything you disagree with. (and again, i'm sure you consider the same of me)