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i think you've said some fucking ignorant and foolish things on this website, (especially that idiotic comment about the dalai lama, which you never responded to my comeback)...


this piece is very well written. i didn't expect to like it, or you, and especially because i really like and agree with michael moore's general politics. i loved roger & me, i loved "bowling for columbine", and i have loved all of the old episodes i've seen of "the awful truth".

i haven't see f911 yet but i will... i'm looking forward to it.

nonetheless, i agree with your logic above... too many people just want to quote each other, instead of doing the critical thinking and making up their own minds. and i also agree that moore should have anticipated the responses and addressed them. that was well said in your critique.

one defense of moore, however, which i stated a few weeks back to lightning rod:

moore isn't trying to get through to intellectuals like you or clay or anyone else on this board. he is trying to get through to a tv nation who behave as sheep and don't genuinely think critically or question their government. i think what michael moore is doing is particularly brave and good, because he's trying to expose injustice on a grand scale, to attempt an override of grimy and unjust media and government propeganda. his public celebrity allows him to reach the masses, which needs to be done, and nobody before him has done it nearly as well (at least in this generation)...

so i think it's all well and good to critique his movies and bash him down and claim that he doesn't get into enough details or teach you things you already knew... but i also think it's important to consider that YOU aren't his target audience. i personally think he's doing an excellent job of pointing things out to the masses, who haven't typically had the forethought, education, or critical brains to question a morally bankrupt political system.

(yep, i lean to the left)