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Today I Rise Up

Posted to Poetry

Time flows by
like water
when you’re young-
feet treading
on smooth stones;

With age
comes a certain grace,
an obdurate durability
one has no need for
until thrust
like a pink wound
into the expanse
of the world-

I recall the vivid
purple of lilac-
indelible stains of grass;
Now I see my face
in the sheen of a
computer screen-
and I wait for a virtual
because it seems
that only in anonymity
are we willing to be
the things we wish to see

Wishing wroughts naught
and I have drifted farther
from my destination
with each day that passes
in my current situation;

My mouth grown dumber
with each word learned
My yearning deflected
with each delectation for
infinite virtues
I find lacking within me-
Stymied by my society
but cloistered more inside
of me-
A dark cloud saturated
in mystery
I’ve concluded that I can do

If living is believing
I am barely existing
and I don’t like the state I am in-
Bones knocking in wind
just noting their situation
within my skin,
I am waiting for something-
someone perhaps
to tell me how to be me
and it seems, today,
I have just realized
all of these years have been a
waiting in vain-

Today I rise up
within myself and I smile
at the small things
like sunshine and day lilies
These tiny raptures
are what my life has been missing-

What a blessing to realize
at nineteen
that my existence retains
some purpose,
and the acceptance
that my death will make no difference
-no mandala in the dusts of time..