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I haven't even seen the film and I'm stunned reviews like this one and Hitchen's etc. These are folks from the Left no doubt. Author did do a good job expressing himself/herself

Two things jumped out at me and the first one is more about a specific, with the second being my experience here in reference to the author's claim.

1) With all this talk about the Bin Laden family being shipped out of the country post 9/11 (and again I haven't seen the film) why hasn't anyone mentioned Richard Clarke's role in this? I thought that was quite significant.

2) As to the main point the author makes (that Moore's claims are too vague and miss the point) I'd like to ask somebody to please, finally begin to make your case as specific as the author claims it should and can be. I've been looking for this here since I've been here. All I've received so far is a littany of personal attacks and remarks about how - so and so is just a liar - or some other claim that points more to how they FEEL instead of what they know or what they think they know. This is the biggest challenge for those who believe in a Moore-like view of the U.S. The longer some folks go without meeting the challenge the challenge of the people who disagree with them the closer their credibility comes to pass completely. Whether you want to call it damage control or simply giving your position some roots in truths or a specific nature it makes no difference, just do it please. For the most part asking for specifics here has been like asking for a carton of cigarettes in healthfood store; you either get cloves or they point you to the tofu section in hopes that you'll instantly convert to a preference for dessert-time flatulation.

Well, that's just what I think. I wonder if someone will step up to the plate or folks will simply continue on with more of the same attacks on whatever person feels like the easiest target at the time.