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and you wonder why?

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People like Prager have the ammunition they have, to get traction with readers. It's because people like you make it entirely too easy. Read a blip from your own masterpiece:

"he's a fucking lost, arrogant, ignorant moron. yep, it's my OPINION!"

And you want ME to search MY heart? oh boy...

What is the stuff about in here? You're not alone Gordon. Some people simply can't contain their anger here. Again, you appear to be making Prager's point along with others. Can't you see that? I think it's time for you to do some anger management therapy in Flame Wars. But that's just my opinion.

"volumes of patience and respect" I assume you're including yourself in that list. But that would be an outright lie Gordon and you know it. You've insulted me in many instances and I've bit my tongue many times. Check yourself.

sorry, I'll check 2323. I must have thought the thread was dead. Don't take it personally. I really haven't read it.

That's correct Gordon, I'm glad you understand what I told mnaz. You cannot dictate how I post or reply here as long as I follow the rules of the board. It's as simple as that. I'm glad you're not missing the most important point.

Well, if a brainwashed soldier is capable of critiscizing the people he supports, like Bush, then I guess that's me. But I guess you've missed it. There is a book called "Brainwashed" by Ben Shapiro. I think if we read it we'd understand the mentality here a lot more than we do now. That may go for all of us.

Sorry you feel this way Gordon. I really work at giving you honest replies. In fact I don't remember missing much of anything you've written to me except #2323. Are you certain that you're not misinterpretting a solid argument coming back at you for someone who's not listening? I ask you that because I've read your stuff thoroughly and I've really thought about it. But hey, I can't beg you to believe me now can I?

Just remember this, you are free to reply or not to reply. If you want to continue in here, then keep your Flame Wars-type comments to at least a low roar. Please!