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censorship etc

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I'm sorry but you are wrong. The thing is that to you clever people it is very easy to say that certain people shouldn't say certain things in certain ways, but to me, and maybe others, who are not as educated as you guys, I like to hear all kinds of ways of saying things and all kinds of things said, and all that. It is edifying to me to read the strings that appear here, and the ones I enjoy reading most are the ones where there is a great degree of conflict and discussion and game-playing. It all adds to it. It is great reading. I do not have what it takes to get involved with most of the debate due to a lack of education and reading and involvement on my part, but certainly like to look at all views. I haven't made my mind up on most things, and seeing all you guys saying the stuff you say, regurgitated doggerel or not, is still instructive in some sense. To talk like you are talking, saying that things should not be said in certain ways or that certain things, regurgitated doggerel, nit-picking, insults, should not be said is tantamount to censorship. Either you believe in censorship or you don't. You cannot have it both ways. If you make a door then all kinds of people are going to walk through it. If you want a utopian forum for dialect then keep on dreaming or waiting, whichever suits your outlook best.

Michael (uneducated and self-conscious)