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war is wrong/drugs/catch22

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War is destructive. Anything destructive is wrong. Is defending yourself wrong? No. War is not wrong. Was the war in Iraq a case of a nation defending itself? No. Well that is a matter of opinion. Do we have all the facts? No. Who has all the fact? They are everywhere.

If you want to really have an opinion on anything political you need loads and loads of facts. I do not have the time, and neither do most people, for this sort of fact gathering, and I do not have the memory for all of the facts once gathered.

Certain musicians and certain writers and certain painter etc have taken drugs. I have taken drugs. This has affected my ability to retain facts, although the taking of drugs in the first place was what sort of opened my eyes to all of the stuff about the world I would like to change, but I can't do anything to change it because my mind is damaged from the very drugs that awakened it in the first place.

This is a sort of Catch-22 situation (of course I could have put it better, but my drug-destroyed mind will not allow it)