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Once we differentiate ie

dif·fer·en·ti·ate ( P ) Pronunciation Key (df-rnsh-t)
v. dif·fer·en·ti·at·ed, dif·fer·en·ti·at·ing, dif·fer·en·ti·ates
v. tr.
To constitute the distinction between: subspecies that are differentiated by the markings on their wings.
To perceive or show the difference in or between; discriminate.

Once your black and I am white, then we fight.
The KKK was founded on it.
The crusades.
the house, the senate, democracy, government in general.
philosophies, spiritualities, religions...

some percive things as being so different.

But I
personally believe
at the root of all of it is 'man'
and man is infact the root of all evil.

they say money is the root of all evil.
well, who created money?
who created guns?
who created christianity
who created nietzsche
who created ghandi
who created bush
who created you
who created me?

we did.

Its collective. And I'm concious of that.
Its a huge idealistic communism that created capitalism.

i dunno if you've delved into much einstein, but find some of his essays regarding socio-economic stance and the like.

I believe he was just another one of us.
and if he is history.
he's to be learned from.
like anything else man-ifest.