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Peaceful I am,

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and laid back and generally filled with hope and compassion and a cautious optimism for the future. But when I think of what some people are doing to the planet and to other sentient creatures in the name of profit, coupled with the fact that instead of being punished the government and law usually protects these people, then my anger and militancy comes to the foreground. I am learning (slowly) not to speak the first words that come to mind in these circumstances (they're usually bitter and hateful) but pause to reflect a few moments, to try and see the other point of view. Anger can be used to motivate people to create positive changes in their lives and in the world, and when used as such, it is a very good thing. However, when anger turns to bitterness and despair and cynicism it is counter-productive and ultimately self-destructive. As long as there is injustice and suffering in the world, I will always be angry. As long there is love in our hearts, however, there will always be compassion, and people making sacrifices (big and small) to achieve a greater good. A quote from I believe Lao Tzu: From caring comes courage.

To everyone who's responded to my comments, thank you and I hope one day we can together usher in a new age of peace.

Bright Bliss!