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Good critique but...

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despite Moore's obvious failings it was still overall a great film. A couple of things I didn't like was the scene showing Iraq as a happy, peaceful paradise before the attack (what about all the shit Saddam was up to before the attack????). Moore should of been smarter than that but wasn't. Another mild critique is that in the scene that shows George W. talking about a dictatorship for some strange reason Moore leaves out the second half of the quote - the full quote being " it would be a lot easier if this was a dictatorship - especially if I was the dictator" - HUGE mistake on Moore's part leaving out this stinging G.W. full quote. Another startling G.W. quote that wasn't even mentioned at all was when George W. is holding a "townhall" and he mentions seeing the first plane hitting the tower and thinking it was a bad pilot - GUESS WHAT FOLKS - NOBODY ACTUALLY SAW THE FIRST PLANE HIT LIVE - IT WAS SHOT BY TWO FRENCH DOCUMENTARY FILMAKERS AND WAS ONLY SHOWN THE DAY AFTER (SEPT. 12, 2001) - this could be the most suspicious statement EVER in the case of 911 and Moore didn't even touch on it...WHY NOT??? Anyways, it's still a great film but didn't dig deep enough. Go see it and judge for yourself.