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I just call you Bill Clinton, since you parse almost as well as he does?

Listen, as I said, this was a pointless lie, and I'm tired of parsing his words. Unless someone went into this with the express intention of not reading it as Bush saying he saw the first plane hit, that person would read Bush's words as I have done.

Bush said he saw 'an' airplane hit the building while he was waiting to go into the classroom; then he went into the classroom. Time passed. Andrew Card entered and said that a 2nd plane had hit the tower. I.e. a plane in addition to the one Bush saw earlier. If what Bush saw was the 2nd plane, it would have made no sense for it to take so long for Card to come in and tell Bush a 2nd plane had hit, if he had just seen it happen on a tv in the hallway. Unless they had no idea that a first plane had hit the Towers (and Card's reference to a 2nd plane make that impossible) then Bush is saying he saw the first plane hit.

Also there is the case of his sort of tacky joke about thinking that was some bad pilot. There's no way he would have made that joke had he known he was watching the 2nd plane hit the WTC, knowing for certain at that point it was a terror attack.

We also know from his timeline, which can be found online, but I don't feel like looking (try memoryhole) that he was in his limo when the plane hit, and in the classroom when the 2nd plane hit, so he couldn't have seen any plane hit on live tv.

Like I said I don't blame the guy if his memories are a bit confused about exactly when and where he saw and heard things that day, but the fact is, the claim he is making here (knowingly or not)is false.

I can't believe I've spent this much time arguing this.