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Smack of the Masses

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Smack of the Masses

Meditating on this Hypnotic Horse
Holy mother Mary-Jane Ultimate Source
We smokin sanctified scag- smack of the masses
someone blowin smoke up our collective asses!

we cravin the straight dope on creation jonesin for some blunt hope of salvation
voluntarily abandoning ourselves to anyone claimin to be clockin all, buddha, jehovah, the father, prime mover....anyone with an easy answer.
we get obsessed to surrender enslaved to fake faith, unable to question because lack of devotion would mean cessation of copin acceptance final reward, lack of doubt, turned on fucked up we quickly get turned out,
then suddenly we workin the streets for piety, prostitutin preachers pimpin to make us smoke narcotic cocks, Brothers getting most high to fight for world turf, giza blocks, banging spiritual spliffs just to hold they glocks, Afghanistan, the international equivalant of 41 shots, burning witches, jihad, crusade, drinking Israeli poisoned kool-aid, insanity! Lit up with the lord, cut with convenient theology, full of inconsistencies and made up histories to make it more potent and harder to kick, and I know the almighty is lookin down upon us and SHE is saying this shit is sick! We smokin sanctified scag, smack of the masses, someone blowin smoke up our collective asses,

now, now, now, it’s no sin to want to get well, but these no good intentions are leading us to hell, weeping wounds of unfulfilled desires with nothing to gain, needing angels anesthetic to end this mad pain, hooked on dreams of heaven (ruled by the all knowing the omniscient, where suffering ends and everything is pleasant) We go running to homo-saps for that spiritual fix, but all we get is tainted religion, a mix of power politics and selfishness, cats flipping the true word in order to get rich, dealing adulterated fundamentalist junk, prophets for profit, each group claiming to have the only pure shit,
but McDonalds and the Catholic Church are some of the largest land holders in the US of A so tell me which one of them is gonna let you have your way, cause both of them have the same thing to say, which is gimmee all your muth- fuckin money, Tithe this knowledge, if you want to control a people claim to be doing it in the name of god cause blind faith is one of the greatest motivators out there, smack of the masses, smack of the Masses, SMACK OF THE MASSES --Yo save your soul, just say NO.