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if each of those soldiers wanted to write a letter about how well things were going, they could have, and I imagine some newspapers would print them, though probably not all, as they get many letters and can't print every one.

Of course I think that the soldiers really believe in what they are doing in Iraq. That's why they are so admirable and the Bush Administration is so sickening; because I believe they are betraying these men and women with lies. They really believe they are their fighting for freedom; unfortunately, I don't think freedom is what the Bush Administration intends for the Iraqi people. They want a client state, and they will do what they can to make it one. And they will betray what these men and women have suffered and died for to do it.

Also, if you want to parse, the article said the soldier's agreed with the 'general thrust' of the letter, which is not the same as agreeing with the facts of it, though I imagine they'd agree with those as well.

I don't doubt the soldiers are doing, or at least trying to do good things over there, despite what I see as the less than noble intentions of Bush in sending them there, and many of their post-war actions. If Iraq succeeds as a democracy, it will be because of these men and women on the ground, the soldiers, and the Iraqi people, and not because of the Bush Administration and the CPA or currently unelected govt. full of their lackeys.

In fact it will be in spite of them.

I just see the soldiers goals and the goals of those running the show and two different, and probably mutually exclusive goals.