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you're forgetting it was the CIA that helped overthrow the Iraqi government and established Hussien as dictator; the CIA who funneled funds, guns and WMDs into the country; the CIA who gave Saddam a list of Communist party members for him to kill; the CIA who gave him the poison gas (the gas reputedly came from Rochester, NY) with which he massacred innocents. Does Saddam deserve to stand trial for his crimes against humanity? Absolutely! But at his side should be Bush Sr, Ollie North, John Pointdexter, Donald Rumsfeld and a host of others who helped make these atrocities possible. And should the (show) trial be administered by an Iraqi government that is little more than a puppet regime for US business interests? If the US would quit vetoeing it, we might have had a World Court already established (except they don't want that because too many US hawks could be tried).My last statement I'd like to make before I get back to work is, Who Voted To Make the US the Police on the World Block? What right do they (or anyone else) have to unilaterally intervene in the affairs of other nations? It seems to me the US installs and supports muderous thugs (Pinochet, the Shah, Saddam, Noriega, the Taliban, etc)and then goes to war when said thugs no longer serve their interests. Hopefully this won't be seen as anti-American (which is the charge blind patriots use when they can't logically and intelligently refute claims made against the US government) as I am well aware of the many wonderful things that Americans have given the world (such as an entire generation [the Beats] of writers and poets.