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This wouldn't be the first time

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we've been deceived regarding Saddam. Remember the impeteous for Gulf War I? Iraqi troops had gone into hospitals in Kuwait and were ripping babies from incubators to take back to Iraq. Turned out their star witness was related to the Emir of Kuwait and had been coached by a US PR firm. Also little reported was the fact that Saddam made three, yes three, offers to the US government to try and avoid a war, the last one apparently involving the total withdrawal of Iraqi troops from Kuwait. The US didn't even bother trying to negotiate. Even before the Iraqi invasion, Saddam went to the US to guage their reaction if he was to invade Kuwait. The Americans basically said they had no opinion on the matter either way, which Saddam took as a green light to invade. This is not a defense of Saddam, as I would never defend the indefensible. Rather I am just trying to illustrate how manipulative the media is and just how cosy they are with the military. Incidentally, if no one has ever heard of the Institute for Creative Studies, look it up, you'll be surprised (or scared).