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I haven't forgotten...

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those sort of things, but the aforementioned hawks and chickenhawks might have. Or more typically, they excuse it all because we were trying to win the Cold War. I've started threads like that in the past complaining about decades of US preemptive or imperialistic meddling in the affairs of other nations, and propping up toxic to fight toxic (often to have said toxic come back and bite us in the ass), and that's always where those threads end up. Fighting the "Communist Threat" is always cited as a catch-all excuse for all kinds of past foreign policy bullshit. Just try it sometime. See how many posts you get into that sort of a thread before the Cold War excuse comes up. Personally, I don't buy it, but anyway, there you go. I agree with ya.... it just ain't right.

Re: my last post....I knew the excuses, or "reasons" from the pro Iraq war camp to justify the 11-13,000 Iraqi deaths were likely to be forthcoming (very predictable in these discussions), so I just saved them the trouble.