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My freedom bell - or, An abstraction in irrelevance.

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Prolog to a dedication

Sometimes I write a poem that excites me
sometimes it pleases me too
But I've never wrote one I was sure of
so this one is dedicated to you.
Aware that I am where others exist
not quite sure that I really do
I am certain that someone is listening
undoubtingly you do too.

Can it be I'm not republican or democrat?
Can I get out of this box marked left and right?
Can I be a hawk who loves pacifism?
Is it possible Jesus wasn't white?

I've never been invited to a party.
I'm not sure that I'd really go.
Theres always a jester and a jokester,
arguing over all they don't know.

Someday I'll go on with this story.
If some christian doesn't send me to hell.
But I'll tell ya' if it's all the same to ya'
I'll be sittin'
and a-ringin'
my bell.

(Dedicated to "Colonel" Samuel Cody.
Inventor of "The Flying Cathedral.)