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well they were a talkin' bout this on Hardball

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about how the terrorists changed the election in Spain....although I guess we have no way of knowing about this exactly, my bet is that the Spanish elections were going that way anyhow, and I further extrapolate that the Republicans willdo anything possible to sway the voting public/ these "threat warnings" are like staged flatulence....especially with our National Guard all overseas inside Iraq....the perfect setup....and if bombs strike again in America, bet your dollar that the point drop for the current pretender and his minions will continue sluffing downward.

One can only hope that our loss of trust in the intelligence offices will somehow be regained, placed to effective purpose, for stability and coping whilst structuring a genuine police apparatus to corner and suppress aingst ridden terrorists wherever they may be hiding, around the next corner moreso than in Iraq where they are being bred.