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This is very strange. You're trying to squeeze everything out of nothing that you can. You have absolutely NOTHING here, except what you THINK. And you're telling me that I'M parsing? Wow. You've parsed ten minutes worth of activity in and out of a classroom to the point it could take us five years to unravel whatever the hell it is you're talking about.

And you still can't tell me how you glean "first airplane" from "an airplane". That is amazing that you'd not only parse, but simply inject a lie to fit your take on things.

There are also NO references to viewing ANYTHING "live" as you've injected here.

Talk about "express intention". You sure had it when you read this transcript.

Then you've got the gall to not only parse but to invent a brand new fantasy: that what Bush said "And I used to fly, myself, and I said, well, there's one terrible pilot." was meant as a joke. How the heck do you know it was a joke? This is raw text. You know NOTHING about his facial expression, tone, or anything else that would mean a lot in the way of non-verbal communication at such a brief moment. Sure, on the surface it may be a joke in poor taste, said quietly. I'm sure you've never told a joke in poor taste at a bad time eh?

I may be parsing, but that's what people like Moore reduce us to. It's very sad.

You'd better believe we spent this much time talking about this. In fact it's your responsibility we spent this much time talking about this. Why didn't you come out front and say that the President said "I saw first plane hit live on TV, and boy did I thought that motherfuckin pilot couldn't fly, haaahaaa!". Then your lie would have surfaced in your first post on this thread, not the second or third. And it would have expressed exactly how you feel, contrary to the facts.

What a complete joke.